4* January Umrah Packages (8 Nights)

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4* January Umrah Packages (8 Nights)(Price: Starting from £640 per person)

  • January 22, 2018 - January 30, 2018
  • 4 Days Makkah Dar Al Eiman Andalus (Room only)
  • 4 Days Madinah Eiman Al Qibla (Room only)
  • Private transport included (Airport-Makkah-Madinah-Airport)
  • * Visa & Full Transportation are including.
  • * Flight tickets are included
  • * Ziyarat can be arranged at extra cost
  • * Package price is based on 4 people sharing
  • * For details, Call: 02081339545
  • * Terms & condition apply.
  • Note: Mentioned prices are only for low season.

Umrah in December

The month of December is referred to be the best month in the whole year for performing Umrah. When the elegance of the winters is started to be seen and when practically almost the entire west is heading towards the festive holidays, Muslim all around the world are seen to be packed for the holy journey of Umrah. Since the Hajj season and Ramadan are always crowded and jam packed with pilgrims, the December month is preeminent to perform Umrah. There are a number of reasons that why the December month is best to perform Umrah. As the December is the time when the winters are at their peak and nearly in every country the time is of holidays. A lot of people use this time as an opportunity to spend their free time with their family and peers by either going on foreign tours or making hangout plans with friends. But for the Muslims the holy Kabah will be the best place to see and to avail their vacation time. In spite of spending your time on worldly things and places what else would be more superior to have the pleasure to see Kabah with your friends and family and what else would be best to make supplications and ask for forgiveness from the One who created us. Another reason to perform Umrah in December is that the Masjid Al-Haram is not very crowded in these days. Masjid Al-Haram is the place that is persistently rushed and crowded with devotees. This place is near to the hearts of Muslims to that extent that the Muslims cross ways the world from several kilo miles simply adored to visit this notorious place at any time at any rate once in their lifetime. As the Hajj and the Ramadan seasons are over and many people who had been at this holy and sacred place are done with their mandatory obligations, this place is free from the congested condition and the place is gone by for the most part local people. The advantage to the people performing Umrah at this time is that they can playout each and every of the administrations with full mindfulness and in peace without any stress or stretch. Saudi Arabia is a country loved by the sun. The temperature of the country especially in Makkah and Madina remains high for the greater part of the months. Obviously the high temperature makes it tiresome and somehow hard to perform Umrah in other months of the year. When the body gets tired, besides of having a high spirit for praying and making supplications most of the people become unable to perform their rituals actively and somehow windup their prayers earlier than they have thought to finish. December is the month in which the temperature becomes normal or low as compared to the high temperature in the other months of the year. The climate in December is wonderful and therefore aids out a lot for the proper performance of one’s prayers and supplications. The weather is significantly good to accomplish all the Umrah rituals by heart and without any collapse. As due to the excessive reservations and overcrowd in the other months of the year the prices for the living apartments and residencies become high and therefore is troublesome for the one who already had paid a good amount to perform the holy journey. But for the winter season as the lodgings are not heavily reserved the prices for the residencies are very much normal and the bundle proposition brought some really good costs of inns when contrasted with different periods. December is the time when most of the students and kids have their Christmas vacations or winter vacations in most of the countries especially in West. In Muslim countries also it is the time of winter vacations. One can bring his or her family along with his kids so that you can easily and comfortably perform your holy trip in spite of being worried about your kids. The trip will not bring you peace and harmony and will cleanse your soul by the performance of this Holy obligation but also you can preach your kids a lot about the Islam, Islamic history, Islamic rituals and also about the importance of Umrah and supplications made in Masjid- Al- Haram. The trip will not only make you to perform Umrah but also it will be best to educate your children. The hotels and residencies near Masjid Al-Haram are tightly reserved and booked in the other months especially in the seasons of Hajj and Ramadan. The residencies become heavily costed and even if you are willing to pay more than regular amount, due to excessive rush and reservations the hotels will not accept your bookings. So as a result many of the people have to live far away from Masjid Al-Haram and it will take time and also effort to be at the mosque for the performance of rituals and prayers because of your far of residency. But in contrast the month of December will save you from all such troublesome situations as you can easily get an apartment close enough and alongside to Masjid Al-Haram. What else would be better to have a sight of Kabah and at very sensible costs.