Deluxe Non-shifting Hajj 2018 Packages

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16 Days Non-shifting Package

    Package Itinerary

  • 5* Hotel Makkah (Swissotel) Half Board
  • 5* Hotel Madinah (Dar Al-Taqwa) Half Board
  • Half Board in the hotel (Breakfast/Dinner)
  • Including Direct flight (Saudi Airline)
  • Hajj Draft Mina and Arafat tents with AC Full Board (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)
  • Qurbani included
  • 5 litre of Zamzam per person
  • Ihram with belt for Mens only
  • Backpack Umbrella
  • Hajj Seminar For ladies (Backpack and umbrella)
    Quad Occupation
    Triple Occupation
    Double Occupation

    Requirements for Hajj booking

  • A copy of Passport and Deposit £1000.00
  • Please note: Passport MUST be valid for more than 6 months from the date of departure. If the husband surname do not match with wife's or children's surname then please provide us original marriage certificate or birth certificate.
  • For European passport holder, MUST provide last three months old bank statement original, photocopy is not accepted.
  • Date of departure 15 August. Return 30 August
  • Return from Madinah - Madinah/Jeddah/London
  • Religious Scholar and qualified guide with us for 24 hours during hajj trip.
  • We are authorised Agent from ministry of Hajj and Saudi embassy London UK IATA and ATOL protected company
  • Our ATOL number is 11337 (Haleema Travels)
  • Business Address; 171B Dunstable RD, Luton, LU1 1BT, United Kingdom.
  • Tel: ‭00 44 20 8133 9545‬

Deluxe Non-Shifting Hajj Packages



Hajj is the holy journey towards the holiest land on the earth that every Muslim desires to be at once in his life. It is the journey of utmost blessings and virtue for a Muslim and can be the source of his way out at the Day of Judgement.

Hajj Package

In order to perform Hajj, you have to opt a Hajj package that will facilitate you in your trip to the holy land of the Saudi Kingdom. The hajj package our company "Travel for Umrah" offers are best to choose because our first priority is to endeavor the best to our customers so that they can choose among the wide options we give that fits their ease and comfort.

Non-Shifting Hajj Package

Non-Shifting Hajj Packages pertain to the category of packages in which pilgrims do not have to move from place to place but can stay at one site peacefully. The shifting package is very hectic in a way that the pilgrims who are supposed to be praying and supplicating, keep on lifting their luggage move from here to there. But by choosing a Non- shifting package you can make yourself free from this hassle.

Deluxe Non-Shifting Hajj Package

It is a 5 star non-shifting Hajj package that endeavors the best of the best services to the customers and is specially design in order to provide comfort to the travelers. This package is full of luxury and sumptuous so that you can deliver your Hajj without any materialistic worry or concern.


The accommodations we offer in this package are top notched and has been known in industry since a long time. We offer accommodations to our customers in Swissotel hotel in Makkah and Dar al Taqwa hotel in Madina.

Swissotel Hotel

It is a 5 star luxurious hotel situated in the holy city of Makkah. The hotel is known for its world class services, multilingual and well- trained staff, on time facilities, super amenities and everything that you want in your dream trip to a foreign land. Swissotel hotel consists of 650 plus rooms and suites with top notch facilities endeavoring to customers 24/7. The hotel is situated just a few steps away from Masjid al Haram so it will be just a matter of few footsteps to move back and forth from hotel to Haram Shareef. The hotel’s extraordinary and extravagant services make it one of the top hotels in the industry of its category. You can enjoy free WiFi all across the hotel. Separate prayer areas are present in the parking so if you are finding it really tiresome to go to the mosque, then it will be a best option to pray and supplicate there. If you are craving for some gusto food, then we have something for it also. You are provided with varying options of dining in different restaurants like Al- Waha and Al- Tekkeya where you can sit comfortable and can enjoy unlimited tastiness.

Dar Al Taqwa hotel

Its very much alike the Swissotol hotel in Makkah, Dar al Taqwa is a top ranked hotel of 5 star category with many customers following them because of their extraordinary services and amenities. The hotel has been serving in the city of migration since a long time and from that time uptill now has been the choice of many customers. The hotel is a 5 star one and is situated just 150 m away from Masjid al Nabwi SAWW which will be an ideal place to live at because you can easily travel from here to there. The hotel features 800 plus guestrooms which is a huge number and still giving utmost ready facilities to the customers. These rooms having French and Arabic architecture allure its stayers at the very first sight. Facilities like air conditioning, free WiFi, flat screen TV, tea and coffee making facilities make it number one option to opt during the sacred journey to a sacred land. 4 unique restaurants bestowing gusto meals are situated inside the hotel that will make you to love them.


Your flights will be scheduled via Saudia airlines by which you can travel easily and comfortable to the holy land for the fulfillment of your holy Pilgrimage.


Qurbani; one of the main rituals of Hajj is also the part of this package at such a cheap and affordable price in comparison to the top notched services we are providing to our customers.

Package Price

This 5 star deluxe Non-shifting Hajj Package is best to opt for your Hajj journey because of its astonishingly cheap price. This 5 star package is available at 6795 pounds which is a very cheap price in comparison to the services and amenities we are endeavoring in this package. The price is for 4 people. For 3 people it will 7495 pounds and for 2 people it is 8595 pounds.

Date of departure and arrival

The departure of the pilgrims using this Hajj package will be on 15th of August and arrival will be on 30th of August. Our highly trained and qualified staff is always there to help you out in any matter.

Deluxe 5 star non-shifting Hajj package

Looking for an utmost luxurious excursion endow to endeavor all of the basic yet desired amenities of yours at you Hajj jaunt and pondering where to find it, then cease down your worries as Travel for Umrah ha already worked on it. Travel for Umrah is one of most reliable and leading travel agency of UK that is persistently delivering best to its customers since many of the past years. We have designed all of our Hajj packages in a way that you cannot do anything else but find them the utmost perfect as your spree’s companion. One such package is deluxe 5 star non-shifting package that is nothing but a combo of luxury, comfort, snug and utmost ease.

Contact and Help

Travel for Umrah is the site that believes to deliver all of the information regarding your opted package that is necessary to be known by the chooser of the package. Therefore, our way of working is to amalgamate our customers’ requirements and desires to the reality of going to the holy land by selecting the most suitable Hajj package. You can contact us at any time and can ask anything from us. We will also appreciate your suggestions and queries because after all they are the satisfaction of our customers that they show in form of keeping in touch with us.

Travel for Umrah's authencity

Our Umrah travel agency is authorized from Ministry of Hajj in the Saudi Arabia and from Saudi Embassy London, United Kingdom therefore trust is not an issue in our case. You can visit our site for details and questions. You can also contact us on phone. Our phone number is 0208-133-9545 where you can contact us and ask anything from us freely.