Travel for Umrah FAQ’s

  1. What is the procedure of confirming my booking?
    1. Enter your credit card details and press confirm button.
    2. Confirmation page will appear press submit button.
    3. You will receive a confirmation e-mail.
    4. All details of selected package (price, order number) are mention in e-mail.


  2. Can I cancel a booked flight?
  3. If you want to cancel your booked flight send your request to via e-mail or contact us on our 24 hour available number 0208 1339545. Your flight will be canceled automatically if payment for a booking has not been received within 72 hours.


  4. How and when I receive my ticket?
  5. Tickets can be send to the customers through courier services. In UK, tickets can be received through Registered mail. For the purpose, a receiver must be present to receive or if not possible then the tickets can be picked up from the allocated location. Receiver must have his ID card. Tickets can be received within 7 days but if there is some kind of urgency, tickets can be sent within 24 hours on urgent basis.


  6. How can I get an e-ticket?
  7. You can get your e-ticket on the airport where you have to show the copy of confirmation e-mail along with the copy of valid passport.


  8. How much baggage we carry?
  9. Well it varies from airline to airline. Please contact the airline service you are using to know how much baggage is allowed.


  10. What is the difference between direct flight, indirect flight and nonstop flight?
  11. Direct flight stop on different airports to refuel but did not allow the passengers to leave the plane while the indirect flights stop on different airports and allow the passenger to travel along the city and come back within the time. A nonstop flight goes straight to its destination without stopping anywhere.


  12. Last minute or urgent reservation possible?
  13. Yes it is acceptable but a bit costly and not appreciating.