3* Ramadan Umrah Package (Last 15 Days)

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Ramadan Cheapest Umrah Package(Price: Starting from £850 per person)

  • Last 15 Days Ramadan Umrah Packages.
  • 5 Days Madinah-Al Eiman Al Nour.
  • 10 Days Makkah-Dar Al Eiman Al Khalil.(EID in Makkah)
  • Given price does not include air tickets.
  • * Package price is based on 4 people sharing
  • * For more details, Call: 02081339545
  • * Terms & condition apply.

Cheapest Last 15 days Ramadan Umrah Packages


Umrah is the non-obligatory Ibadah that is the source of utmost blessings and virtue for a Muslim. Muslims from all across the world visits the cities of the Saudi Kingdom that are considered the holiest by the Muslims. Makkah and Madinah are two of the cities that are the main sites for performing Hajj and Umrah both. Umrah is the mean to remove all of the past evil deeds and performing it in accurate manner brings more virtue to a Muslim than he imagine.

Ramadan and Umrah

Umrah itself is a great Ibadah because it needs both mental and physical dedication. Performing it during Ramadan brings even more blessings and virtue to a Muslim because the month of Ramadan is the month of blisses and sanctifications and all of the good deeds performed during this month are incremented to many folds.

The connection of holy month of “Ramadan” and great religious obligation “Umrah” is the best way for Muslim to earn blessings seventy times more. Allah SWT opens the gates of His mercy and forgiveness and promise faster to exempt from fire of hell. Imagine when you fast for Him and perform one of the great acts of worship, how much He SWT will love you. The last 15 days of Ramadan combines a chance to earn forgiveness and refugee from hell fire. Don’t let this opportunity go away, contact us to book your Ramadan Umrah package now for last 15 days.

Cheapest Last 15 days Ramadan Umrah Package By Travel for Umrah

Travel for Umrah that has been serving its customers for a past few years but you are trust us all by your heart. We appreciate the trust you have on us and therefore working harder and harder to maintain the reputation that we gain, thanks to your trust and conviction. We always consider yourself and your requirements at first place and therefore keeping in mind your needs, we have design an Umrah package that is suitable for you by all means. You can visit the holy land of Makkah and Madina in the last 15 days of Ramadan to perform Umrah by opting our Umrah package. The cheap Ramadan Umrah deals that we offer are best among all of the other deals in the industry and the package we are offering is a 3 star one.

3 star category Umrah Packages

The 3 star category is the one we can refer as a pocket friendly category. It is the cheapest of all but has all of the basic necessities and amenities that a pilgrim requires during his Umrah trip. The 3 star package is best to opt by those who are running low in budget or has to travel with a lot of people. It will not burden your pocket and simultaneously you can fulfill the utmost desire of your heart.


Your last 15 Umrah days package during Ramadan includes accommodation in both Makkah and Madinah where you can stay and pray or supplicate as you please. The package includes stay in Al Eiman Al Nour hotel in Madinah for 5 days and then in Dar al Eiman Al Khalil in Makkah for next 10 days. These accommodations will bestow you all of the comfort that you want during your stay on a foreign land.

Al Eiman Al Nour hotel

The hotel is situated in Madinah and is just 200 m away from Masjid al Nabwi SAWW and about 1 km away from the old Bazaar. The hotel is excellent in endeavoring all of the basic amenities and services to its customers. The rooms of the hotel are equipped with numerous facilities that everyone needs to stay at an outsider site. Facilities like free Wifi, Free private parking, flat screen TV, air conditioning, elevator, daily rooms, and daily maid services makes it choice of the people who are opting a cheap and affordable 3 star Umrah package. The stay of a pilgrim in Al Eiman Al Nour will be for first 5 days.

Dar al Eiman al Khalil hotel

Looking for an accommodation that is just a few minutes away from Masjid al Haram? Then you have reached the right place and more precisely right package as we are offering stay in Dar al Eiman hotel for the last 10 days to our customers. The hotel has plenty of clean and tidy rooms simply furnished with elegant décor and furniture. The hotel’s simplicity allures its customers and many of pilgrims select it as their choice for staying. Facilities like printed carpeted floors, seating area with flat screen TV, minibar, bathrooms fitted with showers, luggage storage, 24 hour front desk, safety deposit box and elevator makes it a good choice for a pilgrim to stay.

Air tickets

It is the way of working of Travel for Umrah to inform its customers of all the pros and cons regarding the Packages our customers are choosing. Air tickets are not the part of this package and one who is selecting this package has to buy the air ticket separately. The procedure is just a matter of clicks and you can even book your ticket at home online. If you are concerning about online booking of your air tickets then you are concerning for nothing as a complete procedure to buy or book your air tickets being at home is present at Travel for Umrah blog site. You can visit it and book your flight ticket easily.

Package price:

The package price is 850 pounds per person however the package is based on 4 people sharing.


You can visit our site for information or can contact us at our phone number 0208-133-9545. Your suggestions and queries are more than welcome and you can ask us anything and everything regarding our Umrah packages that we are offering in Ramadan.

Choose the holy month of Ramadan for your Umrah and multiply your virtue of being on the sacred land as much as you can because the chance you have is the desire of many others.